"Oobaloos Photography is on an exciting journey to sprinkle the world with lashings of Oobalove, a dash of magic and a pinch of romance and a touch of whimsy.

Specialising in natural light photography both indoors and out, there has never been a better reason to start capturing memories to keep forever.



Oobaloos Photography came into existence because of my beautiful son. My husband and I already had a very established and successful pet care business that I had been running since 2003. When I was 7 months pregnant I handed the reins solely to my husband and was planning to return within the year. 

Or so we thought........!

I suffered with very severe SPD during pregnancy, and despite everyone saying it will get better once baby was born, it didn't. There was no way I could go back to dog walking full time.

Like many new mums, I was obsessed with taking pictures of my beautiful baby boy!! I wanted them to look like the professionals! So my parents gifted me with a basic DSLR camera at Christmas...a NIKON D3100. It was love at first sight. I took pictures of my son Bailey, my dogs, our client dogs, my friends children.

The first photograph that made me want to be a photographer was one  that I took of our son, and one of our dogs. They are sat looking at each other, and they go to touch each others faces at the same time. I capture the image at the crossover. It is a memory that will last forever. From then on, the photography bug bit me

So we thought of a business name......Oobaloos came from singing to "Baby Bailey Boo-Boo-Baloo"


Oobaloos Photography is not only my business, but my passion, hobby, creative outlet and memory maker. When I'm not working, I will still be out taking pictures. I work all over the country covering weddings, family shoots, private dog agility shoots and maternity and newborn. I work with natural light and have a mainly unposed style. I want to capture real moments, and go with the flow with every different shoot. That is what makes it unique. I adore working in the great outdoors as the nature gives us such a beautiful backdrop, and various light during the day means no two pictures will ever look the same. 

I like to see beauty everywhere I go. My photography isn't gritty, but it is real, honest and true. It has been called dreamy. I feel like it is my perspective on life through rose tinted spectacles. And why not? The world can be such a harsh place. We owe it to ourselves to see the beauty. Let me show you how....